Friday, July 3, 2015

2nd Times With Dropbox Team Building!

As my though in Thai, guys are not really into cooking but with this team I have to admit, they are good cook and great team. My first time with Dropbox and was very impress with all engineer worked so good together! I have no outdo at work :) Thanks Dan to bring his team joined me cooking and Satinder who is a coordinator.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Perfect Night !

It was sun having these 3 couples in my class and of course that everyone had fun with full stomach ! Such an honor that people celebrate anniversary in my class, some come for cool night out and some love cooking.I love all the reason which bring people come to join me cooking, its made me enjoyed teaching more and want to keep doing it.

Cooking With Dough & Alta!

It was nice having Dough & Alta master Thai dishes in my class, ! They both love Thai food and love cooking. It was lovely evening having them,  learn all the ingredients, having fun cook off the recipe and adjust to their own taste, Super !!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ryan' folks!

Having this group in my class made me miss my dear friends in Thailand. Ryan brought his friends and wife came to my class for fun night out! Everyone love Thai food and cooking, so imagine how fun it would be for their date and yes, they master all great meals and ate all of it. I am so happy to meet with great, fun and interesting people. I hope ding ding ding can add more favor and fun to their kitchen.

Coconut Day!

Everything is coconut! You probably already knew that Thai food use a lot of coconut for all appetizer, entree and dessert  which today we have three course meals which made from coconut. Start with Fresh spring roll with Thai peanut sauce as you can see from beautiful hand roll of each student, follow with pumpkin Curry and finish up with summer dessert like Tab tim krob. It was so delicious and everyone did a great job mast their own dish:) Thanks for joining me 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Great Cook With Fun Class!

What a lovely evening I had with this two couples, open minded and nice people!!!  They love cooking and very great cook !!some people just came back from Thailand and straight to learn how to make Thai food. I like when we were cooking and everyone did exactly cooking suppose to be not baking, off recipes, no precise but according what they like , be creative and enjoy:) good job !!!

Great Class!

had a great evening with this couple ! There love Thai food, esp when they lived in L.A and all in love living  living SF. They both love cooking and very good to be in the kitchen together , I hope they can make the dished they learned form my class in their new kitchen. easy, simple and delicious what else you need:)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Three nice couples!

Three lovely couples ! These call was very intense with sauce tasting and  10 mintues cooking or i could say including chopping. Everyone love Thai food and master their own dish as they like. I am sure they like spicy but probably not Thai level:)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Great Team Tonight!

This group came to my class on June 5 and everyone love Thai food. Not too many of them have been to Thailand but know the dishes very well.we made three course and, have sauce ladies. chop choc chop team and dessert maker! Great team works and the lovely people. Thanks again for joining me :)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Alex's Birthday!

Cooking with this group was so fun and glad to meet great people. I love to see everyone  in my class having a good time eating the meals they made and esp this class:))) Thanks for cooking and let me be a part of special day Patrick & Alex!

Mhay's Birthday !

It was so fun celebrating Mhay's birthday with her family. Everyone are so friendly and fun people to have in my class. The jelly drink passes around during with the laughing and enjoying chopping, cooing and having meals they made together.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Great Day With IXL Team !

It was a fun, great time with team from IXL! Thanks Jordan who organised the group and also thanks Triage consultant who referral my class to this team:) Great job, chopping, cooking and great team with lovely people. I hope everyone got a full stomach with delicious food you made.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another team from Dropbox!

Thanks Cory  who organised this group joining cook his favor food ! It is very fun team and very competitive. Their spring roll full of great story and creative. The food they made were simple but all delicious and great prep team work, cooking and friendly people.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jessica's Folks

Jessica and her husband celebrated their graduation in my class with their parents. A year ago , they came with other people and love my class and I love this lovely friendly couple. Their parents are as sweet people as them, so lucky to me for working this job and get to meet great people around the world. Congratulation for both of them!!

Cindy's Bachelorette

It was so happy to be honor for this bachelorette for Neha and thanks Cindy who organised this event. Couple people in this group came to my class a year ago with another friend for bachelorette party including the bride. They are fun and very great people. Congratulation for your big day which is coming soon and hope you can make some Thai dish for your future husband !

Such A Wonderful Evening!

Tonight was a lovely people wilt delicious meals they made! It was an returned customer who came here 2 years ago and this time with her family. Thanks so much for coming back to cook with me again and some people celebrate their birthday and some visiting from other city, such a great place and cool thing to do in SF, don't you think:))

Thursday, May 21, 2015

13 times with Genentech!

Thanks Able who brought his team to my class after he came here with another team from Genentech! This team is very competitive and fun people. It was surprised me that they are not the same office but i couldn't tell according how their interacted to each other. Great great bond and I am glad that I can be part of it:)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pot Sticker Or Gyoza!

It is an absolutely delicious and great for any party, Gyoza!! I taught my husband how to make this and he loves it, so I decided to teach this dish, so I added it in my class schedule. You can make it in difference method, grill, deep fried or steam. It can be great for vegetarian or meat lover and it is only you decide when it comes to be your own meals. I love grill in the pan and add some oil then make the bottom layer crisp up a bit to make a great texture.
You must to learn this appetizer, it is simple, you can make in advance and freeze it and totally fun to make with family and friends. Cooking is about having fun and enjoy your meals by mastering with your own hand and people you love, so this is it then:))

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Justine's Birthday !

It was an honor to host Justine's birthday party after she organised her husband birthday in my class last year! they both are very friendly and every time I knew they had a great time in my class and that what I wanted in my class. Thanks everyone !

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It was a fun night!

It was surprised me, may be guys don't like to cook any more :)? Anyway, tonight we had 10 beautiful l=ladies in my cl;ass and only 2 guys, lucky them. Great works everyone and thanks to eat all my food!