Saturday, August 7, 2010

My first Thai cooking class!

Greeting time!!!

I was very happy to teach my first cooking class. Before the class I was a little nervous, but was lucky to have a great group of people and felt entirely comfortable after starting. I don't expect anyone to become a gourmet cook from my class, but everyone got to meet new people, enjoy some great food together and actually learn hands to cook some really good tasting Thai food! I am looking forward to hearing how every one's first solo attempt at Thai cooking goes.

Thanks to you all for making my first class so enjoyable - before we knew it the time was past 10! I hope to see you all at follow on classes:)

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cherry said...

Again!! cant believe u became a teacher of thai food cooker ;) very very fantastic!!!!

i am glad that u enjoy cooking and done well in yr first class ,,,seems everyone(yr students) love to learn cooking with u too : )

Sunshine said...

Yes, I believed everybody had a great time and full!!!!!!!!!