Friday, August 2, 2013

Les secret du Macaron!

It was so much experience with the chef- Daniel Walter at Le Cordon Blue today. Learning how to master the secret violate macaroon( macaron à la violette)  If you saw my first day making a macaroon in Paris then you must know that I made it by using the Italian meringue but today I did it with French meringue. 
Why the class is named " les secret du macaroon" because of the chef has difference technique to master how to make the macaroon easy and came out very well. 
Couple things that you need to do to make a perfect macaroon are know your oven very well which you might need to try couple times to get the right one which is okay or may be you are very lucky to get a perfect one for the first try;). second, the quality of the ingredients is very important- many chef also said that even though  you hired the chef from France to make the same thing in your country but if you did not import the indigents from France the result will never be same as you had  it in France , especially the bread or pain. Well, it doesn't mean you need to to import all the ingredients from France but pick the best quality you can find from your local store. Come to meringue, as I mention that I made the French meringue for this time, pay attention when you beat the egg white with sugar to get a stiff peak and not over mix the batter when you mix it with the dry ingredients  which they are only two things, powder sugar and almond, if you got what I mentioned above then you are on the way to success making one. I don't think, I need to mention about pipe the macaroon shape because it is really an experience which it not difficult, just keep in mind if your hand is not moving when pipe it then it should came out nice and round. Today, we go very simple of the filling, chocolate ganache but the secret that you should try are adding the difference favor into the chocolate , for example honey and appellation calvados contrôlée add up a lot of just chocolate ganache. The decoration was gives a nice touch at finish-the crystallize violets. Merci chef for sharing us a secret!!!

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