Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Steam Rock Cod!

I love Rock Cod Season as I can cook this fish in difference ways. Today, I did steam it with the Thai soy on top of some veggies and ginger. It came out great the even the eyeball. In Thailand, we name this dish as Pla Nueng See Ew which actually means exactly as the name said. Pla is fish, Nueng is steam and See Ew is the dark soy sauce which is the main ingredient for this dish. I pick carrot, green onion as my veggie and add a kick of spicy of ginger and Thai chilies, serve wit jasmine rice is unbeatable.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Full & Fun Night!

Great people and well organize, chopping, cooking and interesting people. I hope everyone got full stomach and had a great time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cooking With Aily's Family!

Ly and her family visit San Francisco after move to Japan for many years and she miss Thai food. In Japan, Thai restaurant is not easy to find and compare to the price here is better to know how to make it. So, I teach them how to make a Tom Kha Soup and Basil chicken. This lesson just only two hours with her daugther, Emily and I didn't hear any noise from crying babe- lovely family and wish they move back to SF.

Another Fish Dish- Hor Mok Pal With Rita!

It was fun and delicious to teach Lita how to make Hor Mok Pla or Steam fish with curry paste! Actually the way we make this dish in Thailand , we will use a banana leaf instead of muffin tray and steam it but in this lesson I apply to bake it in the oven with bath the mixed  which came out  great and beautiful as it should be.. Garnish, glaze with coconut milk onto with  the kaffir lime leaf and Thai chilies..

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wild Caught!!

My husband caught Rock Cod and we had a class for my friends, learning how to clean and preparation fish. We also made the fish into difference style,  Thai style soup,salad and American Fish & Chip. 

Tom Yum Pla or Spicy Sour Soup!
This is the best using the meat close to the bone. You will get the most favor from the bone and when the soup is ready when you can smell the aroma form all Thai herb, galangal, kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass all over in your kitchen. Spicy & Sour, Yummyyyy!!!

Yum Pla Dook Foo 
Crispy Fish With Green Mango Salad!

Come to the meat part, I use for two dishes, first The combination of the dressing,sweet, spicy and tartness over the crispy light mince fish is the reason why I love Thai food,absolutely delicious . It is typical appetizer in Thailand and very popular salad which you can find it all year round, especial goes well with the drink.
The second dish I made from using the fish meat is deep fried, american style fish&chip. The light crispy bladder coat on any veggies would be good and with the Thai spicy, sweet and sour dipping. Are you full:)))

Deep Fried Rock Cod!