Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sa Koo Sai moo!!

It was a a great day that I finally had time to make this Thai dumpling  or Sa Koo Sai moo again after it has been for a while. This appetizer is very traditional and labor intensive, so you will not see very often in US but it is very popular in Thailand. It made from tapioca pearl with a Delicious stuffing, stir fry pork( for orignal or you can add any meat you lik) with radish and a lot of garlic which other ingredients that I didn't mention. You could steam or boil buy the traditional and easy one would be a steam method because boiling can cause the stuffing ripe off if you didn't do a good job with rolling the ball shape. It is fun to make with family and great for the party. Garnish with the fry garlic aroma ontop oof the dumpling and serve with with a green lettuce and cilantro+ a bit a Thai chillies. Hungry yet?

Yummy Yummy

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