Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chocolate Truffle!

Truffel known as " Diamon in the kitchen" in cuisine and when it comes to dessert, we name it as its shape-Truffel! Basically is chocolate ganache coated with temper chocolate and roll into the cocoa powder or can roll with chopped nut, ect. I could be super easy dessert and fun to making with friends according to the assemble step without temper the chocolate yourself but if you have to temper the chocolate then you might not have so much fun making this.

We also make a chocolate coffee which is an almond past rectangular shape mixed with coffe extract then coated with chocolate temper .In this class, I ran out of the time, actually you can make difference pattern and decoration on the chocolates surface but need to do it while the chocolate is not set yet. 

This is what chef made in the demonstration class - including a Rocher with nice presentation on chocolate  plate . I like because a crunchy texture and less sweet with a lot of nut ;)) 

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