Saturday, September 26, 2015


Frasier cake is very traditional classic pretty French cake for long time. Basically it is a cake that filled with a lot of strawberry and cream. In the class we make a mousseline cream and sometime I see a lot of this cake with pastry cream . I always love the cake using a genoise method because you get very light and soft of the cake texture and that what we made in this class today.  The trick or this cake is about placing the strawberry to show on the side and decoration because this cake is must to be pretty and sell quick as strawberry it will not last very long time.

The day after I posted this cake on my Facebook page
" Thai Cooking With Sunshine"  and then , I saw that school  also shared my page on their Facebook page -Le Cordon blue with a giving me great compliment. What a great day I had ;) 

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