Saturday, September 26, 2015

Opera Cake!

Every good boulangerie will make a version of this legendary cake- Opera Cake. It is the most sophisticate and delicious rectangle cake in France. It is made from 3 layers of biscuits almond jaconde. Between the layer, there are coffee butter cream and chocolate ganache then cover with the dark chocolate glaze on the top.
Again making each cake takes a lot of time and come to this one is the most complicate and delicate works so far. I love the idea of pastry chef Cyriaque Gavillon who created this cake. When he inventing the cake and wanted to find something that only take one bite but can take the favor for all the cake and Opera was the one. The name is came from his wife as she remained him of Palais Garnier ,so since then name stuck and inside the and fit well with the cake.

    To finish this cake , everyone  has to design their own writing on the cake which I can read as " Opera " and that was the most difficult after all tore works had done.I was so happy to share this cake to my special friend who visiting me while I made this cake, so we had an afternoon tea with opera cake, made from me  in my lovely cozy apartment in Paris. After I sliced the cake into small pieces then another fun time begin again, I started writing and add more raspberry and of course my friends had patient to wait for delicious cake:).

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