Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kanom Thai !!!

Every time when I come back home, I always eat this- Kanom Tuay, so today I made those delicious and hard to find in US. My goal to amke Kanom Tauy but end up I got to make all of those 3 other kinds because they base almost the same. It was a fun day and full:)).\
First start with, master Kanom Tuay or literally means dessert in the bowl which bring the icon of the dessert. The texture like custard- sweet on inside and creamy-salty on the top.The rest are Kanom Kuay, Kanom Fak Tong and Kanom Tum which they are base from coconut mix with difference fruit then call the in difference name according to the fruit and the method.  
I will be teaching this dessert soon , so if you are interested to know how to make and how it tasted likes then join me in April .

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