Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brithday 2010!!!

This is my thrid time for me to celebration my birthday in US. It is kind of interesting thing for me to see how my life have been changing living in US. Of course, the party still a lot of Thai food and Dancing!!!.
More than that, the party won't be fun without the people who want to share my happiness. Thanks for all of you who joined me and hope to see you again next year.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Reunion cooking class!!

Reunion is the best thing I would love to have all the time. This time is my chance to show them how to cook Thai food. Thank you family who brave to have Thai food for the first time and hope I didn't ruin my Thai food reputation:). This is might be the biggest group for me to make Thai food for 17 peoples. It is not easy if I am doing myself but this is very good team work preparing all the ingredient which is the best way for them to learn all the Thai ingredient and seem everyone having fun.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lisbon & Sintra- Portugal

Portugal looks very similar to San Francisco-hills, cable car and the bridge but how people live totally difference. A lot of museum and Gothic Cathedral. A dozens of restaurants and bars line the narrow streets where people have a coffee time in the afternoon because of hot weather and nice sitting area in the night time for dinner as well. Sintra is a small town far from Lisbon just 30 minute by train where you can see fabulous Pena Palace and the town is a 19th century romantic architecture.
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Madrid &Toledo -Spain

Madrid is my favor for this trip in Spain because of variety of food and everything are interesting close to each other , so I was able to see thing by just walking around the city. Another place you should visit when you go to Madrid is Toledo where you can see the phenomenal view of the city which is not too far one hour drive from Madrid.
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Granada is a little town one hour fight from Barcelona. The best Flamenco Show ever if you want to feel Flamenco in the real way- I would recommence to the Zambra. La Alhambra also is the fantastic place that you shouldn't miss when you come to Granada.If you are the type of person who don't like crowed people and want to come to Spain, Granada would be the first choice for you.

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Spain is land for of the art. The building are interesting and a lot of thing to see - esp Gaudi Architecture. When I was there, the weather is perfect not too hot but it was too many people even though the summer almost over. It is unusual for me to have dinner late but for this city I have too because people start go out after 8 pm.

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Food in Spain and Portugal

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Getting around from Spain to Portugal from this trip found a lot of good food and dessert. Of course from Spain where is famous about tapas!!!! especially in Barcelona -the fusion of bar and snacking is the best way to experience a wide range of Spain's traditional food at one time. Granada served the best paella and are the best accompanied with wine. The best for this trip I will give to the tortilla espanola ( Spanish potato omelet) and a couple slice with ham form the market where I can try all the food around in one place. Down to Portugal where you can find the best seafood and pan rice with any kind of seafood was very interesting taste. Trying difference of food on the trip is my favor things and I belive you feel the same way!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BDTC Graduation Party

Private party for Ballroom Dance Teacher Collage for the students who graduated this semester.
No surprised that everyone dancing after meal. I am glad that this party went well because 16 peoples in my place with I provide a food , drink and dancing. So, it look like "Sunshine Dine&Dance is begin.:)

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Good Food &Good Friends

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Gave a dacing lesson to friends!

After food and talking it is time for dancing. I couldn't believe everyone so enjoined dancing too much although the weather was too hot. Everybody got sweat but I think they have a good time with a little bit of Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and wrap up with waltz slow romance- good job Chad:))
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Graduation Thai Dinner Party !

This party a lot of good dancer and dancer teacher from BDTC. I am so happy to see everyone dancing for this time especial some people who never though they will ever dance.
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We had an awesome Japanese food tonight-Thanks for Gin are in house Sushi Chef and some good help along the Japaneses buddy,Miho,Yukari and Minako. Thanks for all friend who cooked for me this time as well and hope you all had fun dancing with me.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Curry Chicken

Red Chicken Curry -it can take all your kitchen with the smell of coconut milk blend with a difference kind of herb(lemon glass, galangal,kaffir lime, shallot,red chili.,etc) from red chili paste. Thai people sever this dish with rice and some part of Thailand with noodle. This is not light healthy dish but if you talk about the taste is the best and can filling your stomach very well.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Second Class!!!

Aroma Young Coconut (Product of Thailand)

This class because we made a Tom Kha or Coconut Milk Soup, so I bough a coconut juice to serve
people for a drink beside the Thai ice tea. Thank you for Ken who was attending my class twice because he enjoined the class and loves Thia food. I am so lucky that I always have a nice people sign up to join my class which made my class easier and fun. Again, before we knew it was almost 11 pm and that was proved they were having a good time,especially for the part of decorating dessert:).

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Pick the ingredients.

It is nice to have a home grown garden, especially for Thia herbs which are very difficult to find . I have some Thai herb and spice on top of my roof garden. Every time , I want to use, It feel good to just pick it with the fresh one right above of the kitchen..

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Som Tam

Som Tam or Papaya Salad is a spicy salad made from shredded unripened papaya. It is original from North East part of Thailand which is common to serve this with sticky rice and grill chicken or Kai Yang especially for lunch time. Papaya is the most healthy fruit you can eat which is contained a lot of vitamin and also known as a tenderizer for any meat because of the enzyme of papaya

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tom Kha Gai

Tom Kha Gai or Coconut Chicken Soup is the second popular soup after Tom Yum. Tom means to boil in Thai and Kha means galangal, so main favor for this recipes its from boiled galangal. When galangal infuse with the coconut milk it bring fantastic favor and smell all over your kitchen. Some people love in coconut normally add a coconut juice instead of water and serve the soup into the coconut fruit.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ginger Chicken

Who like Ginger would love this dish-Ginger Chicken or Pad Khing Gai. Ginger or Khing
when it is used for cooking can get a health benefit of ginger and also bring out of the spice
very well.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My first Thai cooking class!

Greeting time!!!

I was very happy to teach my first cooking class. Before the class I was a little nervous, but was lucky to have a great group of people and felt entirely comfortable after starting. I don't expect anyone to become a gourmet cook from my class, but everyone got to meet new people, enjoy some great food together and actually learn hands to cook some really good tasting Thai food! I am looking forward to hearing how every one's first solo attempt at Thai cooking goes.

Thanks to you all for making my first class so enjoyable - before we knew it the time was past 10! I hope to see you all at follow on classes:)

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pad Gakprow Gai

Pad gakprow gai or it is well known as Spicy chicken basil in most restaurant. Thai Basil or Bai Gkaprow which is the main ingredient for many of dishes of Thai food especially pad gkaprow. Pad gkaprow is a simple and very easy dish for stir-fries with any meat. It can serve with rice or stir fries with noodle style.
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Tum Yum Goong

When talk about hot and sour soup, it known as Tom Yum!!! It come from with many of herb so it bring very unique taste. Tum Yum is usually made with prawn which is Goong in Thai but it can go well with other meat as well.
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Pad Thai

I believe most people expose with Thai food first time with" Pad Thai" especialy in US.
It is very popular in Thailand as a lunch dish because it can be ready in just 10 minute
if all ingredient had been prepared.
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Monday, August 2, 2010

My favorite wok!!

Thanks P'Thip for a nice picture today!!!
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