Monday, July 26, 2010

My place

Giant round window with a view of the San Francisco hills!!!!

This is where I live:)))

I love my place!!! Originally it was the choir loft - my husband tells me I won't age at all here and for sure will go to heaven if I ever die. It has a beautiful 16 foot high old wood ceiling with skylights, wood floors, fireplace, a large marble steam shower, a gourmet kitchen, and a belltower and rooftop garden. It has great views of the fog rolling in over the hills - especially when it is sunny on this side of the hills.!!!!
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Nune said...

I love your place too.
Look so sweet...nice place..full of happiness. :)

Sunshine said...

Thanks ja Nune:) Come visit me then you can stay here at the bell tower na:)