Friday, October 29, 2010

Reunion cooking class!!

Reunion is the best thing I would love to have all the time. This time is my chance to show them how to cook Thai food. Thank you family who brave to have Thai food for the first time and hope I didn't ruin my Thai food reputation:). This is might be the biggest group for me to make Thai food for 17 peoples. It is not easy if I am doing myself but this is very good team work preparing all the ingredient which is the best way for them to learn all the Thai ingredient and seem everyone having fun.
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Anonymous said...

I was in Sunshine's Thai cooking class at our reunion and it was the best cooking class I have ever been in. Sunshine you are a great teacher and a wonderful person.


Sunshine said...

Thanks Starr,

Next time I go to Napa, so I should bring Thai ingredient and we will make Pad Thai:)