Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cooking with mom

Posted by PicasaWhen I was visiting my mom in Thailand, she showed me some secret recipes:).
Those are very good for four dished that I love to share with you.

"Nam Prik Ong"
It is popular paste original from the North of Thailand.
Although, it is a one type of chili paste but is not spicy.
The most appealing for the dish is from fire the ground chili with the hot oil just a minute to put the last thing for the ingredient..
Sever with a lot of vegetable on the side..

It is the easiest food I ever made!!! It call "Kei Tun"
It made from steam egg mix with any kind of meat and Thai seasoning.

I learn this one because of my husband like this noodle from Thai restaurant in SF. We call dry noodle
which is the main food for lunch in Thailand.
You can put on top with any kind of meat ball but today put pork ball. It look like "Pho" which is Vietnamese noodle dish with bean sprout is good combination..

Hot pot for big prawn cover with the seasoning silver noodle. The smell of ginger underneath of the pot melt it into the prawn and noodle make it very tasty.
Sever with the seafood sauce actually the best way to eat..Yumm

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