Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tarte Meringuée Aux Poire Caramélisée !

This Tart was my another practice to make the sweet pastry dough or pâte sucrée in French and I was very happy with it- crisp almond crust! The most important making a great dough and using this method is the butter cold and not over mix which cause the dough is too elastic! 

The tart actually garnish with caramelized the pear with butter and raisin then favoring with the fruit brandy. For decorating, using the almond  meringue and sprinkle the slice almond then bake at 170 degree then lower a bit after with rotate the baking sheet to release the moisture of the oven after about half away cook.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Barquettes Au Miel!

As you can see from the picture that how can't I will not love this Tarte with a full of with the honey-almond filling, using about 300 g slice almond to finishthis trarte ! Almond is well used in sweet and as well as savory dished and also extremely healthy. 

Until this lesson, in the class still use a same method making a sweet pastry dough or pâte sucrée and I ming be can say my skill is getting better and better. In general, we will need a  barquettes mold according to the name but we also can make as a Tarte in the ring if you don't have one. 

Tartelette À L'orange!

This was my last favor- orange and my favor one of the other favor I had made so far for-chocolate and lemon!  I end up with loving the recipe from the school having a ground almond to make a sweet crust pastry dough ( pâte sucrée ) and all the technique that I learned, so definitely do it again. To prepare the dough for the orange filling, we need to cook the dough completely unlike the other that you need to re- bake again after the filling. The filing, orange cream- adding the two orange juice and the orange zest made the fruity favor into the the trate. You can make the cream by using the double boiling to cook it but it will take longer time to cook but will get nice and  smooth cream texture and no risk to burn the cream  or if you don't want to take long time then you can cook on the stove which is much hotter, so need to make sure that keep stirring because it is very easy to get burn. 

Tartelettes Aux Chocolat !

After making tarte aux citron or lemon tart then using the same type of dough , sweet crust pastry dou or pâte sucrée in French, so filing with other favor- chocolate was also great as well. It was two filling in the trarte. First need to pre- baking the dough , let it chill then add the soft chocolate which made from hot chocolate- honey melt combine with dry ingredient and flod into the mering. Bake the half- cooked dough with failing soft chocolate until the dough turn golden brown. Fill the last layer with the chocolate ganache and let it chill before ready to serve! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Macaroon Day One!

This is not my first time making macaroon but it was frist time in Paris! Taking a macaron class is always my dream and and must to do, especially in Paris . I actually learn a lot of lesson and watched the demo at Le cordon blue but having get into the practical yet, so first I start with " La cuisine Paris "  

The school just in front of the river sien next to hotel de ville with small class room which I though it was great to learn.

We are three group of 8 people and my group ( three people ) making two color with the filling cream of white chocolate & passion fruit. My group chose a yellow color according to my name and nice summer color ;) and we make a filling - chocolate passion fruit. After finish, I saw the group next to me had some purple shell left then I use it to put together which I though both color it should be nice to sandwich it together, and it was;) 

After all my experince, making the macaron is about practising and alos would say the most important to get a perfect shell macaron is to whipe the meriengue to the right stage- stiff and glossy. After that, very gentil adn becareful to not over mix the dry ingredient with the meringue, so look for the finish batter that flow as ribbon when you lift yoru spatular with the batter. 

Making a filling or cream is not very difficult which you can start with the Ganache which is the most simple filling that you can start with your first time. For piping  is about practising again and again, even now they also has a mold to pipe the macaron shape ;) 

Anyway, what I found about making this macaron which using Italian meringue to make it is less risky than French meriengue, easy to corporate with the dry ingredient helps the shell more stablize and you can keep the shell without the filling for up 2 weeks in the refrigerator and 2 month in the freezer but after you fill the cream, better to finish after 4 days because the filing will soak the shell and it will be too soft. I wish that From what I mentioned that encorauge you to make one soon, Bonne chance!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tartelette Aux Citron!

Tarte Aux Citron or Lemon Tarte is a popular dessert everywhere for someone who doesn't like the dessert which too sweet.
To get a perfect sweet shortcut pastry  dough which call" pâte sucrée " in french , you need a three steps- crémer. Sablés, and fraiser for the in French actually mean you need to cream the butter with sugar then combine with dry ingredient and add the liquid at the end which usually mean water or egg. The critical point is you don't want to work with the dough tooling which cars the butter get too hot and the dough will turn elastic. If you get a nice crisp crust and soft texture of doughi inside then for the filling- lemon cream is not a problem and you also use the same sweet pastry dough with any other favor or the filling for example chocolate or almond cream. Keep inmind Eventhougn you can use the same dough pastry but Differnce filling need a pre- bake dough ( chocolate cream )or some dough need a completly cooked ( orange cream ).

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mocha Coffee Bean!

I actually not a fan of coffee at all but this Mocha coffee bean ( Moka in French )  was changed me a bit after tasted!!! After I was trained for many practice hours, whisking butter cream and whisking a batter for a sponge cake was not a problem anymore but I still got sweat!!  Not only decorate with the butter cream coffee, also the coffee bean favor from soaking up with the  imbibing syrup ( water+sugar and coffee extract ). I made a two layer of the cake and coating with butter cream and toasted almond chopped, what a simple decorate and filling but great tasted and good looking after all. Actually, Moka were first discovers by European in the 17th century in the port city of Mocha( in Yemen) and started to get popular in Paris in 1857. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today we made dacquoise and I will never forget !!! .. In three hours, we need to prepare  the cake , butter cream and decoration which today we decide to make a marzipan flower- it was my frist time for me.
In the practical room, we only allow to use a whisk not the mixing machine, so you can imagine making this cake wasn't easy job today for me because of whisking!!  Start with making a cake which made from the ground almond and meringue Suisse. whisking the meringue was not too bad at frist then the second hours started making a Parline butter cream - I could see my arm get a strong muscel and got all sweat  but I couldn't gave up after looked at other classmates who were in the same situation with me working on whisking!!! It was wrothed after all hard worked when look at the finishing cake  and can't wait to taste it;) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bâtons maréchaux et palest aux raisins.!

My class start early today and have nothing in my stomach, so making le petits four sec- bâtons maréchaux et palets aux raisin  (assort light biscuit ) for my petit dijuener was perfect;) 
These petite fours sec as the name is indicate a dry biscuit ( secs is dry in French ) so to make a great result you should know the requiring is the oven.petits fours were to perfect perpetration to bake once the oven had cooled down after the lager gâteux (cake) were done .. petites fours translate loosely as a "little flame" simply referring to the low flame in the oven.  You also can make a plain batter and eat it self but it will not as good as adding the smell of bake almond combine width the each bit of chocolate for le bâtons maréchaux. Brushing the glaze of apricot with  coating the crystal rum sugar powder other top will make les  palets aux raisins look better and flavorful.

Anyway, if you don't like almond or raisin then these biscuit are perfect accompaniment with tea, ice cream and sorbets, bon appétit !

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Éclairs et Chouquettes!


These two dessert made from choux pastry but difference finishing. The choux itself is not sweet at all but the pastry cream is the one is favoring this dessert! 
For the éclair,  I made the chocolate pastry cream and decorate with two types of fondant favor-chocolate and coffee extract. 
For the chouquettes, we coated with the nib sugar which is quite sweet and nice decorated at the end.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chef's creation!

It was great experience watching how chef decorate with their creation and learning  how to use the 
right plates to display nice looking to finish up the desserts, bravo chef!!!! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chaussons aux pommes

This pastry dough is exactly the same that dough that I made for palmier but just 5 turn and  not too sweet as much as Palmier. I used three apple for making the filling and add the vanilla favor. We brush the outside with egg wash, so after bake it give a nice golden shiny. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Palmiers is a French cookies that has a shape look like an elephant ear. The best I found and hard to stop after eating is from La Boulange in Sn Francisco, of course of the sweet with a lot of butter on it ;) I did know and totally understand why those cost very much! It doesn't mean about the ingredient that use to make them but the time consumer!!!! You really need to work on your layer between the dough and butter which take about many turn or fold then chill it and repeat again for 5 times to get  a nice layer and puffy after it is baked, you might get a muscle from pounding your butter and from using a rolling pin with the pastry dough.