Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bâtons maréchaux et palest aux raisins.!

My class start early today and have nothing in my stomach, so making le petits four sec- bâtons maréchaux et palets aux raisin  (assort light biscuit ) for my petit dijuener was perfect;) 
These petite fours sec as the name is indicate a dry biscuit ( secs is dry in French ) so to make a great result you should know the requiring is the oven.petits fours were to perfect perpetration to bake once the oven had cooled down after the lager gâteux (cake) were done .. petites fours translate loosely as a "little flame" simply referring to the low flame in the oven.  You also can make a plain batter and eat it self but it will not as good as adding the smell of bake almond combine width the each bit of chocolate for le bâtons maréchaux. Brushing the glaze of apricot with  coating the crystal rum sugar powder other top will make les  palets aux raisins look better and flavorful.

Anyway, if you don't like almond or raisin then these biscuit are perfect accompaniment with tea, ice cream and sorbets, bon appétit !

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