Sunday, July 21, 2013


Today we made dacquoise and I will never forget !!! .. In three hours, we need to prepare  the cake , butter cream and decoration which today we decide to make a marzipan flower- it was my frist time for me.
In the practical room, we only allow to use a whisk not the mixing machine, so you can imagine making this cake wasn't easy job today for me because of whisking!!  Start with making a cake which made from the ground almond and meringue Suisse. whisking the meringue was not too bad at frist then the second hours started making a Parline butter cream - I could see my arm get a strong muscel and got all sweat  but I couldn't gave up after looked at other classmates who were in the same situation with me working on whisking!!! It was wrothed after all hard worked when look at the finishing cake  and can't wait to taste it;) 

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