Thursday, July 25, 2013

Macaroon Day One!

This is not my first time making macaroon but it was frist time in Paris! Taking a macaron class is always my dream and and must to do, especially in Paris . I actually learn a lot of lesson and watched the demo at Le cordon blue but having get into the practical yet, so first I start with " La cuisine Paris "  

The school just in front of the river sien next to hotel de ville with small class room which I though it was great to learn.

We are three group of 8 people and my group ( three people ) making two color with the filling cream of white chocolate & passion fruit. My group chose a yellow color according to my name and nice summer color ;) and we make a filling - chocolate passion fruit. After finish, I saw the group next to me had some purple shell left then I use it to put together which I though both color it should be nice to sandwich it together, and it was;) 

After all my experince, making the macaron is about practising and alos would say the most important to get a perfect shell macaron is to whipe the meriengue to the right stage- stiff and glossy. After that, very gentil adn becareful to not over mix the dry ingredient with the meringue, so look for the finish batter that flow as ribbon when you lift yoru spatular with the batter. 

Making a filling or cream is not very difficult which you can start with the Ganache which is the most simple filling that you can start with your first time. For piping  is about practising again and again, even now they also has a mold to pipe the macaron shape ;) 

Anyway, what I found about making this macaron which using Italian meringue to make it is less risky than French meriengue, easy to corporate with the dry ingredient helps the shell more stablize and you can keep the shell without the filling for up 2 weeks in the refrigerator and 2 month in the freezer but after you fill the cream, better to finish after 4 days because the filing will soak the shell and it will be too soft. I wish that From what I mentioned that encorauge you to make one soon, Bonne chance!

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