Monday, July 22, 2013

Mocha Coffee Bean!

I actually not a fan of coffee at all but this Mocha coffee bean ( Moka in French )  was changed me a bit after tasted!!! After I was trained for many practice hours, whisking butter cream and whisking a batter for a sponge cake was not a problem anymore but I still got sweat!!  Not only decorate with the butter cream coffee, also the coffee bean favor from soaking up with the  imbibing syrup ( water+sugar and coffee extract ). I made a two layer of the cake and coating with butter cream and toasted almond chopped, what a simple decorate and filling but great tasted and good looking after all. Actually, Moka were first discovers by European in the 17th century in the port city of Mocha( in Yemen) and started to get popular in Paris in 1857. 

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