Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tartelette Aux Citron!

Tarte Aux Citron or Lemon Tarte is a popular dessert everywhere for someone who doesn't like the dessert which too sweet.
To get a perfect sweet shortcut pastry  dough which call" pâte sucrée " in french , you need a three steps- crémer. Sablés, and fraiser for the in French actually mean you need to cream the butter with sugar then combine with dry ingredient and add the liquid at the end which usually mean water or egg. The critical point is you don't want to work with the dough tooling which cars the butter get too hot and the dough will turn elastic. If you get a nice crisp crust and soft texture of doughi inside then for the filling- lemon cream is not a problem and you also use the same sweet pastry dough with any other favor or the filling for example chocolate or almond cream. Keep inmind Eventhougn you can use the same dough pastry but Differnce filling need a pre- bake dough ( chocolate cream )or some dough need a completly cooked ( orange cream ).

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