Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tartelette À L'orange!

This was my last favor- orange and my favor one of the other favor I had made so far for-chocolate and lemon!  I end up with loving the recipe from the school having a ground almond to make a sweet crust pastry dough ( pâte sucrée ) and all the technique that I learned, so definitely do it again. To prepare the dough for the orange filling, we need to cook the dough completely unlike the other that you need to re- bake again after the filling. The filing, orange cream- adding the two orange juice and the orange zest made the fruity favor into the the trate. You can make the cream by using the double boiling to cook it but it will take longer time to cook but will get nice and  smooth cream texture and no risk to burn the cream  or if you don't want to take long time then you can cook on the stove which is much hotter, so need to make sure that keep stirring because it is very easy to get burn. 

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