Friday, August 16, 2013

Bûche pistache-chocolat!

Today the chef want us gather for the picture as everyone did a great job making a Bûche pistache-chocolat or Chocolate-pistachio log cake. This cake is made from Génoise ( the favor of the cake is pistachio ) and three layer of chocolate ganache for the filling in the cylinder mold shape and frosted again with  chocolate glaze on the outside. 

The traditional bûche refer to  Bûche de Noël or yule log which is a tradition dessert in France served around Christmas time. the basic common is a basic yellow sponge cake , forged and fill with the chocolate butter cream; however, there are so many variation of the recipes that use other favor and filling, for example the one I did below is pistachio sponge cake and ganache filling.

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