Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Certificat de pâtisserie à Paris, 29 Août 2013!

Time went so fast!!!! 
From waking up early, whisking the cream and rolling out the dough almost every single day, I finally got the certificat de pâtisserie d'école Cordon Blue à Parsi
Learning how to master French dessert at Le Cordon Blue was a great experience in my life, especially the class is held in Paris where everyone want to live once in their life time. Learning the skill from many great chefs in the professional kitchen, tip and tools were amazing place to be.
Not only learning how to make dessert was great here, also meeting great people from all over the world was added more interesting in the class. We had 50 pastry students who graduated in this course which they are international people. Can't wait to share this experience to my futures classes.

A very nice treat for us again and again, thanks Le Cordon Blue !!  

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