Saturday, August 10, 2013

Le Nôtre!

Having another fun day at Le Nôtre!! Making macaron is addicted- how cute and colorful their look!! Today taking a class at Le  Nôtre where is the top school of French cuisine and pastry in Paris. The school is located close to Rue de Champsylsee, the nice setting of the restaurant in the patio and inside of the building made the class even more interesting to just come to the school. 
We got treat for the first arrived with chocolate croissant and le notre' tea was perfect to start the lesson because it was at 9.30 am. The chef didn't want to say much word in English which quite challenge because of my a little French but I am survived as I did learned many lesson to make a macarons. The chef shown us how to master the macarons with using the French meringue method for making a macaroon shell and two filling we make today, cocoa and raspberry butter cream. from many class, demo and practical I did at Le cordon blue, I found that I love the Italian meringue because the shell is more stable, maintain a shape better and keep it last longer compare to French meringue. Will keep you posted for more macarons to make. 

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