Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pithiviers et Sacristains!

Pithiviers or Three king cake is made from a puff pastry ( feuilletage ) has three double turns. Making this cake need a muscle, especially  for the last turn that need to roll out the dough before cut into half. The challenge for this one is a right technique assemble each piece together. The most difficult woul day the curve at the finish, mark all the beautiful line all over the cake in opposite direction and had to do it quick because of the dough will get too soft as in the school always about finish on time, so you can't take your time to do it and if it take stock long your Doug will get too soft and it is hard to work with as well. The filling is a almond cream with the favor or rum a bit which just example bacause you can add on differance favors but need to make a bit dome in the middle, so will pop up nicely and don't forget to prick the top to release the moister as it will rise so hight. As I almost made a mistake , to brush the egg wah couple times to get the best golden color and the flower will go wiht good ize not too small or too big because it will rise up a lot as well.

As you know making dessert using a lot of expensive ingredients, so it is very important to not through the left over but using with other things!! For this puff pastry ( feuilletage)so I use the left over after curve the shape of three king cake to make a Sacritains or puff pastry " twist". Same dough but add the nibbled sugar , cinnamon and chopped almond would be great combination. So no wasting and eat more dessert!! 

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