Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fried Spare-Ribs With Garlic & Thai Pepper!

This is the dish come from my region-Esan!! In Thailand, we consume a lot of pork and you know which part of the meat is delicious-for me, I love anything close to the bone. This is marinade the smash garlic with the white pepper and seasoning with Thai sauces. It usually eat with the stocky rice either white or black, I chose black sticky rice today as it has a crunchy texture and goes well with the fried pork. Beside the rice, we serve this with the Thai sauce call" Sriracha" it is mild spicy for Thai:) and a bit sour. I use to eat this almost everyday for the breakfast to school! If you are going to Thailand , don't miss it and you can find it everywhere, really:)

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