Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Douceur Chocolate !

I have to admit that Le Cordon Blue has a great recipes for this Heavenly Chocolate or Douceur Chocolate. And the most I like about this cake is the crunchiness of crispy praline that filled inside the dacquoise,so for every bite you will feel of soft-light texture from the hazelnut dacquoise and the crunchy from praline feuilletine which is remind me eating Rocher from the demo class 2 days ago.

The perfect level of sweetness and smooth of chocolate mousse is great combination. Appearing this cake with a thin chocolate temper disk between the layer is another thing that make me believe that i can sell this cake in a premium price. Give all the credit to the chef who teach us and give us a tip  how to master this cake within 3 hours and I actually make this one right after demo class.
It took a better picture in garden winter room,with the better light compare to practical room. It was almost 9.30 pm after I finished this cake with smiling face of my hard work, delicious with simple decoration as chef said " go simple " but beautiful :)

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