Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Muscadine & Praline Chocolate!

Working with chocolate to make a proper shine, get great texture and melted in your moth not is your hands are all about perfect temper chocolate. Today, again making a muscadine and praline coated with the temper milk chocolate was very successful than the first lesson I made. Muscadine, actually is a praline ganache dipped into the milk chocolate then roll in power sugar. For the praline or int eh picture is a half moon shaped chocolate is the most simple recipes but what is the most complicate making a good looking praline is to dip into the temper chocolate and place it on the paper to set was a challenge without making a excess chocolate around edges and making a pattern ontop of the chocolate. It was perfect day for temper the chocolate , no marble, bubble and shiny-- I would say " good job sunshine":))

                      Below is what the chef made in demonstration class. 

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