Saturday, September 26, 2015

Streusel !

Back to Paris for my intermediate class at LCB again after came here for the basic once 2 years ago. Last time I was here in summer and now it is autumn.  I know that would be more interesting to be here in difference period to see what perisain they do and wish I could be back again and send whole year to learn about culture, eat all great food and make every day dessert.

My first impression after landing in Paris again was the weather is super nice and I just want to take off my wether shirt and jean. The traffic was great as well because I arrived on Sunday and was not so crowed as les parisian are still on vacation:). Anyway, I lived close to my school and almost the same area as I used to stay for my first time -Le commerce .  I took a walk to see of anything changes at all from 2 years ago and was very surprised that nothing really change at all and it is my favor ever.

Anyway, back to school after arrive and still jet lag .  Start my first dessert  is Streusel or Streusel  Cake. It is a crumbly topping on any cake with flour , butter and sugar . It goes well with coffee or tea. Some recipes mine the layer of the cake with difference the of fruit and even fromage blanc.

The most challenge for making this cake actually is making a puff pastry . It is not how long it will take to make the dough  but also making a decorate for the crust -crimp the nice good looking on the crust in the limit of time that is a  challenge. Yes, to be a god chef is not because you can make a dessert is about the timing  and organizing- Qui Chef!

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