Thursday, October 29, 2015


Croquembouche and it means crack in the mouth!!! It is a traditional wedding show piece in France or even Italy and UK . This one , the base is made from Nugatine almond crisp and piled up with choux pastry into a cone shape with using a caramel to stick the choux together . It took 6 hours to put all pieces together because it is all about cooking sugar in the right stage and essemble it after all!! Plus, Nougatine is very easy to get cracked and have to stuff the pastry cream in each choux , so it took a lot of patient  to finish this cake . 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trimophe Aux Noix Or Walnut Cake!

I get to make another macarons in this class because we used a macarons for decorate the cake. I would say - after come to lesson 16, the more we learn the easier I get to make all type of mousse and cake now.We make a biscuit sponge for a base and the caramel mousse with caramel glaze. Up till now, I can confirm that french dessert is less sweet and more light than American dessert. We also have to make a caramel candies for the decoration beside the macaroon shell. This time, we use a swiss meringue instead of French meringue as well. I can eat whole cake myself, not too sweet and not very heavy surpassingly.I am sure this could cost a lot of $$ if I put it in any pastry shop..

Trimophe Aux Noix Or Walnut Cake!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Entremets Passionata!

Entremets Passionata
 Merci chef ! 

Adding an artistic to this cake , we  painted our batter on the baking sheet- like a swirl between red strawberry and egg yellow color. The cake is not sweet at all which I like and crunchiness from coconut almond dacqouise as it is a base of the cake.

It’s very similar to a passion fruit and raspberry tart that I made in this class before but the cake is difference for the base instead of a tart dough . Also, the passion fruit cream and the mousse much lighter in this cake . Glaze with a intended color of raspberry and under the glaze is a strawberry which you can see through under the shiny glaze. If you love mousse and not too sweet cake then this would be it! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dôme Aux Marron

    Dôme Aux Marron

Dôme Aux Marron or Chestnut mousse cake an a components of hazelnut dacquoise , chestnut mousse and cover outside with chestnut cream to get a velvety texture then a fun dark chocolate spray to give a good looking cake ! . The shape should be a dome as a name but today I ran out of the cream so my cake wasn't look as much as dome but I  happy with it . It is interesting that normally don't like so much Chestnut but when it come to be a chestnut cream it's give a very nice favor and i kind of like it, especially the spike looking is remind me of Durian, fruit in Thailand . The cake texture crunchy a bit from dacquoise and a bit sweet and creamy of combination of mousse and cream was nice . I have to confess that I actually ate 2 plates of the cake in the demonstration room and don't know what to do with my weight now after come to the lesson 14:((. Anyway, chef demonstrated another dessert- Banquettes Aux Maroon which is very beautiful and I would love to make it as well. it is base form sweet pastry dough , filling with almond cream and topping with chestnut cream.

Banquettes Aux Maroon

Monday, October 12, 2015

Trésor vanille-fraise des boise!

Trésor vanille-fraise des bois (Wild Strawberry Vanila"Treasure") 

It is a great looking, gluten free and simple cake to make . The cake base from almonds dacquoise then shape as a dome which has layer of strawberry mousse and strawberry inside then cover it with chiboust cream. The challenging is not to burns my dacquoise while caramelizing and I am getting better with that ;). My cake went well and decoration was simple - just go with the name of the cake , so I add a lot of strawberry . Anyway, Big thanks to the Chef today for all the helps! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Varieties Of Puff Pastry !

It was a fun class today, for my first time making Savory petits-fours instead of dessert .
I love to make and eat -mini, finger food and dessert , so today lesson was pleased me well.
😍The puff pastry today that I made was difference technique we used to do and it helps to know this method in case you need to make these in a short time. It works better when compare to a regular puff pastry. I only made with sausage cocktail, chorizo, cheese and Pâte à la viande but the chef also made two more of favor-salmon and pizza.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Baba Au Rhum!

This is the recipe of a famous moist rhum cake with a light vanilla pastry cream- Baba Au Rhum. Traditionally shape like a champagne cork, bake in a cylindrical mould then soak in a sweet rum syrup. It is a perfect dessert to clean your palate for the end of your meals.

This dessert is a rich ,yeast bread and it can soak indifference alcohol, esp rum. As today, the word " Baba" refers specially to the rum baba. Normally, it is made in the individual serving, petit mould but in my class today we make both in the big mould and small one . I actually like small one better as I like something mini or petit four;)