Monday, October 19, 2015

Entremets Passionata!

Entremets Passionata
 Merci chef ! 

Adding an artistic to this cake , we  painted our batter on the baking sheet- like a swirl between red strawberry and egg yellow color. The cake is not sweet at all which I like and crunchiness from coconut almond dacqouise as it is a base of the cake.

It’s very similar to a passion fruit and raspberry tart that I made in this class before but the cake is difference for the base instead of a tart dough . Also, the passion fruit cream and the mousse much lighter in this cake . Glaze with a intended color of raspberry and under the glaze is a strawberry which you can see through under the shiny glaze. If you love mousse and not too sweet cake then this would be it! 

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