Tuesday, November 3, 2015

La Boulangerie !!

I am so glad that at the end of the class we got to make all la boulangerie, esp the Baguette because this is what I eat every single day here. Baguette will be the first thing that I will miss when I go back to SF .The aroma of fresh baking every morning with every corner when I walk from my house to school or even during lunch or evening because here you get the fresh baguette all the time. I also like the way that I can buy baguette here- half baguette please or  " une demi baguette s'il vous plaît " because I eat alone and the half of a loaf is perfect for me. Anyway,  now I never order just half because it is not enough😂😂. 
I admit that I am fall in love with french baguette “ and can’t wait to try making it  when I get home which I hope it turn out as good as I made it here. 
What a nice treat again, In the demo today chef prepared some meat for us to eat with a fresh baked-baguette and other kind of bread and it was fillies me up for my lunch after demo in the morning - was so so good !! I also found that I also like French sandwich bread which is soft and has a flavorful tasted which I did it as well beside baguette today . Well, I could have a baguette and bread party ,don't you think ?

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