Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2nd Times With Lumosity

It was nice having a team from Lumosity joined my class again , so Thanks to Erika who organized the group . A lot of laughs we had in the class, from papaya man , magic sauce team and chop chop people. Everything came out so good- thank everyone for eating all the food and cooked all those delicious meals.

A Tons Of Fun!!!!

It was a very fun group !!!! They were 2 people celebrated their birthday in my class tonight ! Everyone was get along and works well from the beginning. We made three course and they nailed all of the food, no food left on the plates . The foods were spicy and very hot dish but everyone went through which i gave thumb up.
At the end of the class is what I loved- everyone asking each other information and would like to keep in touch- see ,,food bring everything- fun, friends and full stomach  .

Girls Night Out!

It was nice having Erin and Honor in my class. They work in the same company and it was a girl night out.
They both  love Thai food and cooking. In this class,Even though it was only two of them but it was so fun and we learned a lot from each other - not only food but personal life.. I love this job because I get to see and meet a lot of interesting people in life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lunch Specail- Kua Keing !

Kua Keing ! 

It was a great lunch . A simple delicious dishes for whoever love spicy dish -Kua Keing!
This dish might not be easy to find in united state and I wonder why because it is so so good, or may be because it it too hot for american people. Basically, it made from a yellow curry paste and using a stir fired method instead of  boiling as other curry with a bunch of kaffir lime leafs  I cooked my rice with a butter fly pea that I brought it from Thailand to add vitamin and beautiful color to my dish for my guest 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A very Great class!

It was a great class with fun and interesting people. Most of them just got back from Thailand and fall in love with food and would like to make it at home. I hope that everyone in the class learned something tonight and master all of those dishes at their own kitchen.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Khao Mun Kai!

Khao Mun Kai or Thai chicken with oily rice!

I am sure whoever is a fan of Thai food will know this dish. In San Francisco, you can find this it some restaurant and it will cost you $12-$15 per order and everywhere in Thailand, probably 2 dollars maximum.
There are too many steps to accomplish this dish because it takes three component to complete the good favor and texture. Three important things and need to be done right  are Rice, Sauce and chicken. 
 Foe me, I am a sauce person , so the sauce would be my first thing that I can determine either this dish is good or not.Sauce made from blending Thai herbs- base is ginger, garlic and chilies and just soft boil cook in low heat for 10 mms. It should taste between sweet, salty ,sour and spicy . Cooking rice is easy but add a good favor into the rice with a good favor chicken stock to get and oily rice is not that easy but it did came out great.. I fried the garlic with a fat chicken then add the stock from slow cooking  for 3 hours. I  boil the chicken for 3 hours with Thai herbs- galangal, kaffir lime and daikon which get the best favor and most tender meat. I love this dish even though it takes a lot of work to make it good but it is worth.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Afternoon Tea With Me!

My special guests are Ananda and Christine. You will see there are quite a lot of dessert we had on the table but we did ate it all- I know it was bad but too good couldn't help. Choux or cream puff or portfolio , you can call it which is a pastry ball make from the same dough. It is light and crispy texture. 

Pâte à Choux Green Tea Chantilly!  

Russian Honey Cake!

The petite 6 layers Russian honey cake .. I actually made this a couple days before having it with other sweet which is actually perfect because this cake it need to let it set for a day after you make before you can eat to get the dough and cream homogenize into a favor.It wasn't difficult as it looks and also fun to do it too.

Monday, June 13, 2016

A fun evening!

It was a fun evening and mixed of great , fun and interesting people.Half of the group are joining the class to  to celebrate a special birthday for their friend. They made all great meals with passion of plating their food:))good job everyone.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Couples Cooking Class!

It was a great week cooking with all great couples from difference places. Everyone is great cooks. They love cooking difference cuisine and I enjoyed having a conversation in my class. Thanks for cooking all delicious meals with me.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Afternoon Tea !

Inspired Baking everything with matcha today , just because of my friends brought me a matcha and green tea from Japan. So, for our meeting afternoon tea today I made it for them and let's them also contribute some work to sandwich the macarons.
My personal, I love everyhting with green tea and this bring me back a good memory when I visited Japan where I ate green tea ice cream everyday.  I also, mad a drink- green tea latte and a matcha cookies beside macarons. I can't wait to go back school and come back to share more of my experience at Le Cordon Blue in Paris with my Diploma in pastry chef at the end of this year. I hope to open pastry class after all I have learned,so  "Stay tune".