Saturday, June 18, 2016

Khao Mun Kai!

Khao Mun Kai or Thai chicken with oily rice!

I am sure whoever is a fan of Thai food will know this dish. In San Francisco, you can find this it some restaurant and it will cost you $12-$15 per order and everywhere in Thailand, probably 2 dollars maximum.
There are too many steps to accomplish this dish because it takes three component to complete the good favor and texture. Three important things and need to be done right  are Rice, Sauce and chicken. 
 Foe me, I am a sauce person , so the sauce would be my first thing that I can determine either this dish is good or not.Sauce made from blending Thai herbs- base is ginger, garlic and chilies and just soft boil cook in low heat for 10 mms. It should taste between sweet, salty ,sour and spicy . Cooking rice is easy but add a good favor into the rice with a good favor chicken stock to get and oily rice is not that easy but it did came out great.. I fried the garlic with a fat chicken then add the stock from slow cooking  for 3 hours. I  boil the chicken for 3 hours with Thai herbs- galangal, kaffir lime and daikon which get the best favor and most tender meat. I love this dish even though it takes a lot of work to make it good but it is worth.

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