Thursday, June 2, 2011

I think the most enjoyable thing to do with friends is to cook and eat together. So after several years of doing this in San Francisco my friends have urged me to try having classes to teach simple, practical Thai meal preparation. I am not a master chef, but what I cook is simple, great tasting everyday food. Many people want to include this in their everyday cooking – but need to know where and what to buy and how to cook it. This is exactly what my class will provide! In the three hour class this is what we will do:
  • Shopping - I will review the best markets in San Francisco and brands for Thai spices, vegetables, rice, and other ingredients

  • Food preparation – We will chop, peel, mix, etc all of the ingredients for each dish and review the spices to use for each dish

  • Rice and noodle cooking – These basic components are used in every Thai meal – there preparation is the first basic part of Thai cooking

  • Wok cooking – the fun part! Each person will do hands on wok cooking – adding the spices and ingredients in the correct sequence and time.

  • Dining – we all eat what we cook
this class you will be fully competent and brave enough to do a great tasting Thai meal on your own – and during the class you will be taught and grilled (ha-ha) in Thai food names and simple food ordering phrases you can use. Class size is limited to 6 to 10 persons so that each person is involved in all aspects of the food preparation and cooking and open for the night class- for other day time please contact me .

Shopping Market

Making authentic Thai food in other country is so hard to get the right ingredients but here I am in San Francisco where I can find anything I want to make my food taste real authentic Thai.
I always make a trip to The Asian marking every week and such a fun time for me . This is my favor shopping market store on Crement St. where I can find all ingredients I want is " Richmon Newmay Wah ". Although, sometime you can't get a fresh one but will have in the dry one for you to use instead. How amazing to get the best price from long way grow in this kind of market. In additional, You are not only can get the Asian goods but also some American ingredients such as the Bell Paper, Carrot, Broccoli ., ext even wines. Let me know what , can't you find would love to help:))
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