Saturday, August 10, 2013


I was so excited after the demonstration and want to make this cake after tasted it!! Magador or chocolate génoire with chocolate mousse is a sponge cake with four layer, chocolate cake, raspberry seed jam, chocolate mousse and finish with last layer with the  both jam and the mousse. 
The sponge is using the génoire method which you want to aim fort eh moist and soft for the cake for the mousse is a lot of work because you need to prepare, whipped the cream, cook the syrub, beat the egg yolk and melted the chocolate. The order of adding and mixing in the mousse is very important to get a smooth and melted in your mouth. In addition for  the sweet tooth people, this came it will not desired you wihtout adding the imbibing ( syrup with brandy favor) to add abut sweet into the cake and  fruite brandy flavor. 

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