Thursday, January 30, 2014

PocketGems Team Building!

It was very fun having this team cooking with me!!very competitive, creative and Fun!!! Thanks everyone and hope to see you again:)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Team From Google!

This was the 4th times with Google for the sale's team. Everyone help chopping , cooking and having the meals they made. Thanks again Anna to organize this team to cook with me and hope your husband love the Pad Thai and Peanut Sauce.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cooking Class Jan 24, 2014!

Two birthday presents and first date!!! everybody love cooking , so thanks for joined me master all the delicious Thai meals.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Khao Tom Kai !

The nice warming rice soup- Khao Tom Kai, great dish for winter! It is kind of Risotto-Italian rice soup but for Thai version , we love to have a lot of broth left after cook rice for a while. The broth is intense favor from eh marinade ground chicken with Thai seasoning and a taste of dray shrimp. I add shiitake for this time , sometime people love to add the dice carrot on it. If you have the rice left over then you might think about making this dish, the best rice to use it the old cook rice, believe it or not:)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cooking Class Jan 18,2014!

It was very fun and with this class and I hope everyone enjoy with pouding papaya salad, sorry for the spicy but everyone survived so far:) Thanks for joining me and ate all my food:))

Cookign Class Jan 17, 2014!

We are having another great night!! Everybody ate a lot of my food and some people even made at home all of those before came to the class!! Thai food is popular, Love creation of the noodle, fish cake and mango, thanks everyone to joined me cookign delicious meal:)))

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Specail For Away Days Team Building!

This company came to my cooking class and love my food + me of course:) so this is the second time they came to my hose but not for cooking just having my delicious meals. I rent out the space for them to have a team building and provide lunch with beverage.Btw, you probably know who made those beatiful macarons:)))

Fried Spare-Ribs With Garlic & Thai Pepper!

This is the dish come from my region-Esan!! In Thailand, we consume a lot of pork and you know which part of the meat is delicious-for me, I love anything close to the bone. This is marinade the smash garlic with the white pepper and seasoning with Thai sauces. It usually eat with the stocky rice either white or black, I chose black sticky rice today as it has a crunchy texture and goes well with the fried pork. Beside the rice, we serve this with the Thai sauce call" Sriracha" it is mild spicy for Thai:) and a bit sour. I use to eat this almost everyday for the breakfast to school! If you are going to Thailand , don't miss it and you can find it everywhere, really:)

Thai Glass Noodle Salad!

This is another great appetizer which taste similar to papaya salad- Spicy and Sour which I like:) Plus this is a low calorie as using a glass noodle and a lot of veggies as you like, for this recipe I used carrot, yellow onion, oyster mushroom and cilantro!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cooking Class Jan 11,2014!

I only can say" the awesome group ever"!!!!! it was so much fun -chopping, cooking ,dancing, singing and having a great time with everyone in this two groups. Thanks all of you and Happy Birthday again Leanne! 
Thanks for sharing me this picture!!!!

Cooking Class Jan 10, 2014!

It was nice celebrate a specail day foir Kevin with Ann!! We made a lot of food and they all dilicious-look at the spring roll- we only left it three to save room for entree and dessert:)

Private Cooking Class Jan 10,2014!

It was nice having all of them in my class, especial everyone love Thai food and cooking! Thanks for joining me cook delicious Thai food:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cooking Class Jan 4th, 2014!

This is my second class of teaching this year-2014 was awesome- food turn out great and awesome people-even though it was a nit spicy and I got a new word -mean Tom Yum Soup:)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy new Year For The First Class Of 2014!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! This is my first class of this year with fours great couples and the great food they made!!