Monday, June 9, 2014

Working With Whole Foods!

It was fun experience working with Whole Foods, right after I finished my program at Le Cordon Blue in Paris! I was hired as a cake decorator and it was close to the end of the year which a lot of holiday was coming. I worked with Annie who finished same school and she is very nice and easy to work with. We made more than 300 pies crust for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I learned so much to work in commercial kitchen and work alone many times. Piping many topping in my life and baking cookies and pies. I just knew that I love baking so much even thought this job start at 5 am :)) but it wasn't the right timing for me. Both teaching Thai cooking and three days at 5 am at Whole Foods, so I decide to quite. Anyway, I still fall in love with food and dessert, they connected me to people and make my smile every time I bake. So, I decided that I  will teach how to makes dessert which start in July. Stay tune!!!

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