Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thai- Style Crispy Noodle In Thick Sauce!

This Thai-style crispy egg noodle in a thick gravy sauce is called" Lad Nar" in Thai. This dish made with deep fried egg noodle and on the top with the Thai gravy sauce . It can go with variety of meat, especially seafood including veggies, most common is Thai broccoli or Gai-lan in chicness , mushroom and carrot. You can add the white pepper or chilies flex for the peppery favor.
The most common for Lad Nar is stir- fried with the big flat noodle but the rest is the same. You can find this dish anyway, especially street food vendor but you might have to ask for crispy egg noodle otherwise you will get the white big flat noodle when you order.

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